We provide all types, sizes & specification of pallets all around UAE
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Benchmark in the pallets industry, Euro Pallets are designed as per the European Pallet Association Standards. We provide all types of Euro pallets like stamped, special, unstamped etc. we also offer Euro pallets in various sizes & of the best quality available in the UAE market

Standard Size
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Hybrid pallets are really effective if you want to store huge amount of goods in the least space possible. Hybrid pallets will help you to save space & save more stuff in your warehouse or store. We build these pallets with a technology which helps save the storage from termite & decomposing.

Outdoor & Indoor Use Pallets
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The shape of the pallets resembles the wings of a bird & that's the reason its called Double Wing Pallets. It is a very strong pallet & thus in most cases is used to store heavy things such as cement block. Because of its design it lightweight & easy to lift

Apart from the above pallets, we provide other pallets like perimeter base pallets, heavy duty pallets, fumigated pallets, CP pallets etc. We can even provide bespoke pallets according to your taste & design. We can provide customized pallets with best durability at very competitive prices.